Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Colorado Wild Fire Resources

Here are some resources for getting the latest information the Boulder Colorado Four Mile Canyon fire.

Real-time information
NEW DTSAglile Situational Awareness Map
NEW Boulderfire.com - tweets, get/offer help and donation resources
Boulder EOC fire boundary and evacuation map (PDF)
Map of tweeted reports by Colorado project EPIC
Map of tweeted reports colored by time by Colorado project EPIC
Twitter feeds: @bouldercounty @boulderrescue @epiccolorado
INCIWEB Four Mile Canyon Fire - regular updates and links to other resources
Boulder Fire Map - A map of closures, known structure fires, and evacuations (see below)
Boulder County Live Scanner Feeds and Incident Updates - listen live to police and fire radio traffic
ESRI Social Media Map including photos
Local news sites: 9NewsCBS4KDVRHuffington Post Denver, 7News Fire Page
Google News updates for the Boulder fire
NWS Denver Map showing fire borders
Wildfire Today Site with detailed analysis and maps
NIFC National Fire News - only updated periodically but has detailed, official information
WILDCAD - Choose a Colorado site to get dispatch updates

Help for those affected
Sparkplace Forum - dedicated to helping those affected by the four mile canyon fire
FourMileFireHelp - forum for those affected with losing home, animals, food, etc. In particular this site has a list of people offering accommodation for those who have lost homes or been displaced
Boulder County victim assistance center: 3842 N. Broadway Tel (303) 441-3560
Red Cross emergency shelter: YMCA, 2850 Mapleton Ave

CIMSS Satellite Blog with a discussion of the infrared satellite images from Sep 6 onwards
Boulder weather forecast products and warnings
Flickr Blog - some amazing pictures of the fire

View #boulderfire in a larger map


  1. Another place that Boulder area residents are posting ways to help with the #boulderfire is the www.sparkplace.com forum.

  2. Thanks, what a great resource. I've added it to the list

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  4. You can listen to the Police and fire radio traffic from Boulder at radioreference.com. They don't charge any money and there is no gimmick or pop ups. It's all free.
    If you open them both, one feeds on the left speaker and the other on the right.
    It's been semi quiet this evening except a few pages to tomorrow's shifts, road closer updates and crews requesting equipment for tomorrow.

    Boulder County Sheriff and Fire Live Audio Feed

    Boulder County Fire Live Audio Feed

    Even though the one lists both fire and Sheriff the fire channels only are used for dispatch. The conversation from the commanders is on the second link

  5. Thanks Dew - yes RR is great. I posted the top level page so people could choose the feed they wanted. Thanks for the specific links

  6. We have a Facebook page that is updated constantly also for those who use Facebook. Look up Colorado Wildfires and join and you will get updates there also.


  7. Thanks CrystCas - I added it to the list

  8. Here's a map w/ Sept 7 & 8 borders, destroyed structures, and about 100 tweets from locals with evac and shelter info, pics, etc.:


  9. The link above is part of Project EPIC - a CU research initiative studying the use of social media during crisis.

    We're using Twitter to scape info tweeted in our crisis syntax.

    Here's another of our maps with coloring to highlight most recent info:

  10. Bird, thanks this is a great project. I have added a link to the first map on the page

  11. Why don't you have 7NEWS on the media list? They have a special fire section, map showing where destroyed homes are etc, in a special section:


  12. The Colorado Wildfires Facebook page now updating on all three fires burning. Fourmile Canyon, Cow Creek and the Pineridge Resevoir/Carter Lake fire.

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