This page is in development to list general resources for tracking different kinds of event (hurricanes, etc). I will continue to post event-specific information on the Home page. For an overview of current events and the potential hazards today, see the Dashboard. Please email me or leave a comment if you know of other resources that you think should be on this page


Storm Prediction Center - Issues severe weather outlooks, mesoscale discussions and watches
Climate Prediction Center - Issues forecasts of flooding, rain, drought, and other hazards
CPC Hazards Outlook - Current hazards outlook information from the CPC - Official forecasts, radar and alerts
Weather Underground Interactive Radar - Composite radar showing rainfall and storms
Intellicast Snow Forecast - Snow forecast for next 48 hours


National Hurricane Center - Issues official advisories, watches and warnings, with a variety of graphical forecast products and data
StormPulse - high quality graphical tools for tracking hurricanes and storms
Weather Underground Tropical page - a variety of tracking and information resources
Hurricane Watch Net - live streaming audio of amateur radio net for on-the-ground observations
Hurricane Track - hurricane news, information and live video coverage
Twitter Hurricane - search for hurricane on Twitter


InciWeb - detailed official information and resources for wildfires
NIFC News - National Interagency Fire Center, not continually updated but has useful information
Fire Danger Map - from US Forestry Service
Wildfire Today - news and commentary about current wildfires
WILDCAD - wildfire-related dispatch information
Broadcastify Live Audio - live audio scanner feeds for local emergency responders
Twitter Wildfire - search for wildfire on Twitter


USGS Recent Earthquakes - detailed information about recent worldwide earthquakes including reports submitted by the public
Pacific Tsunami Warning Center - issues tsunami warnings for the pacific and bulletins following major earthquakes
Twitter Earthquake - search for earthquake on Twitter


Space Weather Warnings - NOAA warnings and alerts for space weather which could cause geomagnetic disruption
Space Weather Prediction Service - NOAA site with lots of resources
Current Solar Data - technical data from NOAA (on N3KL website)
Geomagnetic station data - geomagnetic data from earth stations from USGS (similar to seismographs)
Solar Image Data from the SDO
Quick Guide to space weather and solar flares
SolarHam - website with lots of resources including a forum for solar weather tracking
SpaceWeather - lots of resources for tracking space weather