Friday, October 29, 2010

Boulder Canyon Wildfire

Here are some resources for getting the latest information on the October 29 2010 Boulder Canyon Fire. As of Oct 29 at 9.30, there were two fires located approximately 1/4 mile west of Boulder Canyon. The fires are about 10 acres in size and moving north. Currently the fire is burning near Elephant Buttress above Dome Rock on city of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks. The most common Twitter hashtag appears to be #boulderfire although #domefire and #bouldercanyonfire are also being used.

Real-time information
Emergency information from Boulder EOC on the Boulder Canyon fires including evacuations
Maps of fire perimeter and evacuation areas (new 5pm Friday, PDF)
Tweets for #domefire OR #boulderfire OR #bouldercanyonfire
Tweet Map for Boulder Canyon Wildfire created by EPIC Colorado
Collaborative Google Map with fire locations and information (see also embedded below)
Alternative Google Map including fire area estimation and evacuation area (also embedded below)
Visionlink map including multiple streams (twitter, etc)
Boulderfire live twitter streams
Firestats page with aggregation of information sources
Xcel Energy Outages Map
Live Video from channel 1
9News Live Webcast
9News slideshow
Daily Camera fire page including maps and videos
INCIWEB - this fire is not there yet, but when it is it will have updates and links to other resources
Boulder County Live Scanner Feeds and Incident Updates - listen live to police and fire radio traffic
Google News updates for the Boulder fire
NIFC National Fire News - only updated periodically but has detailed, official information
WILDCAD - Choose a Colorado site to get dispatch updates

Help for those affected
A call center has been established. Residents can call 303-413-7730 for information.
Sparkplace Forum - dedicated to helping those affected by the fire
FourMileFireHelp - forum for those affected with losing home, animals, food, etc. 

Boulder weather forecast products and warnings

Collaborative Google Map of fire

View Boulder Canyon Fire 10/29/10 in a larger map

Alternate Google Map

View Boulderfire Domefire BoulderCanyonFire in a larger map


  1. for city updates.

  2. Live streams - 3 at present

    Live twitter stream of #boulderfire

  3. Additional Google Map created by Sophia B. Liu
    has approximate burn area as well.,-105.292711&spn=0.057138,0.084629&z=14&msid=104034604566126367645.000493c43383533bb3bdf

  4. Better URL for Liu's map

  5. Here is the video of boulder fire evacuation:

  6. video of slurry bombers dropping slurry on the Dome Fire near Boulder, Colorado at 2:00pm MDT on Friday, October 29th, 2010: