Monday, February 21, 2011

Feb 2011 New Zealand Christchurch Earthquake

An 6.3 magnitude earthquake hit Feb 21, 2011 at 23:51 UTC near Christchurch, New Zealand. Here are some information resources for the earthquake. There are reports of building collapses and fatalities.

If you are looking for someone use the #eqnzContact or #ruok hashtags in Twitter or call 1300 555 135. There is also a Civil Defence number - 800-779-997 You can also try the Christchurch Earthquake Person Finder

Top Twitter Hashtags for the quake are #eqnz, #chch. You can try a Twitter search for #eqnz OR #chch Earthquake OR #christchurch: use #eqnz for tweets

AGGREGATION PAGES - aggregating social media and other sites

All Hazards Blog (this one)
SM4EM page aggregating social media resources earthquake aggregation site
The Evolving Newsroom - another aggregate page
Google crisis response page for Christchurch earthquake - people finder, maps
FEMA's blog post with a list of resources


1. Search or post requests on Twitter with the #eqnzcontact tag. For example, if you want to find someone called Fred Blogs, go to, and type the following in the search box: fred blogs AND #eqnzcontact . If you find nothing, post a request for information for example: Please help me find fred bloggs on xxx street christchurch who is missing #eqnzcontact #eqnz

2. Look on the Project EPIC map for #eqnzcontact colored tags in the area of the person you are looking for

3. Try the Google Christchurch Earthquake Person Finder


QuakeEscape - finding people accommodation
Christchurch room finder


Project EPIC crowdsourced tweetmap of Christchurch quake
Crisis camp earthquake wiki
Twitter posts from near Christchurch
Twitter search for #eqnz OR #chch Earthquake OR #christchurch: use #eqnz for tweets
Google map showing damage (see below)
Some relevant twitter accounts: @NZcivildefence, @CanterburyEM, @Police_NZ (auto feed only), @ECan, @geonet
NZ TrendsMap of twitter posts in New Zealand
EagleGIS Earthquake map
Christchurch Earthquake Person Finder report aggregator
QuakeEscape - finding people accommodation

View Christchurch earthquake: Map of the destruction in a larger map


USGS site showing earthquake details plus reports from the public
USGS PAGER initial rapid assessment of earthquake
New Zealand Civil Defense with earthquake updates
Christchurch Quake Map showing location of today's earthquakes
NZStuff page with video, pictures, maps, eyewitness accounts
Latest updates from Radio New Zealand (blog-style)
Live updates blog-style from 3News
3News Running Report
3News earthquake RSS feed - faster since site is slow
New Zealand Herald
MSNBC New Zealand Live Stream
3News Live Video Stream
Youtube Video of immediate aftermath of quake
NEW Youtube video of earthquake aftermath (graphic)
Christchurch Crowdmap of reports (new)
Wikipedia page for this earthquake

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  1. the CH.CH. C.D. are afriad or The health and Safety act the leaders of the civik defence team needs to let the people get there files,documents and goods them take a RISK.