Sunday, February 27, 2011

Texas Wildfires Information

These are the first resources I can find for the wildfires in the Palisades, TX area Feb 27 2011. Please post comments with more resources if you have them. Note that the #txfire, #amafire and #wildfire tags are being used on Twitter.

National Weather Service 6.15pm update - including evacuation instructions
Live video feed from ChaserTV
Impact map from National Weather Service
Amarillo Office of Emergency Management
Twitter search for #txfire OR #amafire OR #wildfire
Live Audio Scanner Feed for Lubbock County
Live Audio Scanner Feed for Potter & Randall County Fire, Sheriff, and Amarillo PD/FD
Google News search for Texas Wildfire
CBS7 Wildfire Status Page
KWES NewsWest9
INCIWEB - this fire is not there yet, but when it is it will have updates and links to other resources
Satellite images of Amarillo wildfire


  1. Here's a link for live audio for Potter & Randall County Fire, Sheriff, and Amarillo PD/FD, covering large wildfire with numerous structures lost in Lake Tanglewood area just south of Amarillo:

  2. Current wildfire status from Texas Forest Service:

    Texas Forest Service Situation Report:

  3. Office of Emergency Management for Potter County, Randall County, City of Amarillo: (No current information on these active fires as of when I typed this, but they're kind of busy at the moment...)

  4. #amafire is being used for the Motley County (AKA Matador) Fire and others in the Amarillo area.

    Thanks for setting this up, David!

  5. Thanks Gary for the tips, updated page accordingly

  6. This is where the Texas Forest Service procures their two way radios, 49er Communications:

  7. For the record, the #amafire tag is for fires in the Amarillo Complex area like Palisades. The Motley County fire I mentioned in my earlier comment is further north in the Lubbock area. Nothing to change on the page, just wanted to correct my own comment error. Sorry.

  8. Texas Forest Service "Common Operating Picture"
    This is a Google Earth layer file, requires local installation of Google Earth

  9. Fire planning and mapping tools:

    NOAA Satellite based fire detection system:

    NWS Fire Weather Outlooks: So. Texas critical today

    Texas Interagency Coordination Center:

    NWS Fire Weather Office Boise #txfire