Solar Dashboard

This page is under development. For a quick guide to what these mean, see the quick guide to space weather and solar flares.

X-Ray Flux (1-minute)

Satellite Environment

Solar data and HF band propagation

For more great solar / ham resources, see the HamSQL website. 

Solar Imaging

Other Resources

Space Weather Warnings - NOAA warnings and alerts for space weather which could cause geomagnetic disruption
Space Weather Prediction Service - NOAA site with lots of resources
Current Solar Data - technical data from NOAA (on N3KL website)
Geomagnetic station data - geomagnetic data from earth stations from USGS (similar to seismographs)
Solar Image Data from the SDO
Quick Guide to space weather and solar flares
SolarHam - website with lots of resources including a forum for solar weather tracking
SpaceWeather - lots of resources for tracking space weather
MySolarAlerts - blog with frequently updated data
Twitter posts - relating to space weather and solar activity