Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hurricane Karl Resources

According to the 12pm Friday NHC advisory, Karl has made landfall on the coast of Mexico, about 10 miles N of Veracruz, with sustained winds of 115mph. Hurricane watches and warnings are in effect for Mexico: a warning is in effect from Veracruz to Cobo Rojo. Here are some resources for tracking the storm. I will keep this page updated as the storm develops. Please also check out the dashboard and resources tabs on this site for more resources. The image on the left shows the current positions of Karl, Igor and Julia

National Hurricane Center - official, watches, warnings, probability cones, etc
Stormpulse Hurricane Igor Tracker - high quality maps and tracking tools for Karl
Weather Underground Tropical Page - nice tracking resources
Tampa Bay Online Hurricane Guide - with local resources for Florida
Tweet map for tweets about Karl in Mexico gulf region (also below)
Google Latest on Karl - latest Google hits for Karl (i.e. most recently posted)
Google News on Karl - hits for Karl on Google News
Twitter updates for #karl
Gulf Coast Hurricane Tracker - blog with updates and discussion
Hurricane Watch Net - streaming audio during active events (likely to start soon for Karl)
Radio Reference Wiki Major Events - radio frequencies and such like for major disasters

Tweet map for references to Karl

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