Friday, September 24, 2010

Resources for X24 - test of social media in disasters

X24 is a SIMULATED emergency in California based on a scenario of an earthquake centered on Bombay Beach California, followed by a possible Tsunami. In a real disaster, this page would aggregate resources to help people get the latest information. Here I will do the same for this exercise. For a real event, see, for example, the Boulder Wildfire page.

Twitter search for #x24 OR #californiaearthquake - latest twitter updates
X24 facebook page - latest updates
NEW Google map for reports (also below, zoom out to see bigger picture or click on link)
NEW Another Google Map of reports
Map showing details of epicenter
Map of incoming Tsunami wave
NEW Request Relief - form to fill in to ask for aid
USGS Recent Earthquakes - detailed information about recent worldwide earthquakes including reports submitted by the public
Pacific Tsunami Warning Center - issues tsunami warnings for the pacific and bulletins following major earthquakes

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