Sunday, February 24, 2013

Find your nearest PEP radio station

Do you know where your nearest PEP radio station is? PEP (Primary Entry Point) radio stations are battle-hardened commercial radio stations, usually in the medium wave (AM) band, that serve as initial entry points for national Emergency Alert System traffic.They must have a backup generator for 30 days on the air, along with various other stringent requirements, so in a widespread disaster situation (commonly known as a "SHTF" situation) they could be vital information sources if local infrastructure is down. PEPs are not well known though - to the extent that there are very few places you can find a list of them (I found one in a forum post). So to make life easier, here is a Google Map I created to show the locations of the current 33 PEP's (you can click on markers to show the frequency and station name). According to FEMA, a slew of new PEP stations are being added, so when I get the data on these I will add them to the map.

View EAS PEP Radio Stations in a larger map

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  1. Great map, but it is outdated, 2013 and shows only 33 of the proposed 70 or so to be online by now.