Friday, November 11, 2016

New threat analysis briefing service available

Our sister site,, just launched a new subscription service for emergency managers, responders, and interested members of the public called the threat analysis briefing. This briefing is delivered to subscribers every Monday morning, and contains a detailed review of potential threats for the U.S. in the coming week, organized into four broad categories:
  • Weather outlook and hazards, including forecasts of severe weather, drought and fire danger
  • Other natural hazards including earthquakes, volcanoes and wildfires
  • Cybersecurity, technological & adversarial hazards including cyber attacks, security vulnerabilities, nuclear power plant events, solar weather impacts, and any large scale public safety or civil disorder risks
  • Special hazards including specific unusual events.
The detailed content is curated from many public sources which are referenced in the briefing, by experts in emergency management, threat analysis and data science. On the front page is an executive summary that can be read in under a minute - below is the executive summary of last week's briefing, for instance, along with some figures from the briefing.

Go to the Subscribe page on the AllHazards site to learn more. 

Image from the Weather outlook and hazards section:
Image from the other natural hazards section: 

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