Friday, September 10, 2010

San Bruno Gas Explosion Resources

Here are some resources I've collected for getting information on the San Bruno gas explosion. I'll keep this updated as the situation develops

Google map showing fire location, shelters, videos, etc (see below for embedded version)
NEW San Bruno Fire CrowdMap - another map with latest info
NEW Volunteer to help
NEW SFGate Maps Shelters Closures Donations
NEW Photos at LA times
NEW ABC7 Resources for San Bruno Residents
NEW Interactive before/after photo on LA Times site
San Mateo County Fire Feed - live audio feed of radio scanner traffic
San Mateo County Law Enforcement Feed - live audio feed of radio scanner traffic
San Bruno Fire on Twitter (#sanbrunofire)
Google News - updates on San Bruno fire
Google Latest - slightly different results to Google News, latest web updates
News outlets: KRON4CBS5KGOKTVUNBC Bay Area SFGate California Beat SanBrunoPatch
Photos on TimesUnion site
Videos on Youtube of San Bruno Fire
NEW Viral videos and pictures at KTLA
Red Cross Safe and Well - let loved ones know you are OK
San Mateo County Emergency Management (no updates yet)
Pacific Gas & Electric

Evacuation Center/Shelter: San Bruno Parks & Rec / Veterans Center, 251 City Park Way
American Red Cross Hotline: (650) 259-1750 OR (888) 443-5722

View San Bruno Gas Explosion in a larger map


  1. what was the time of the blast?

  2. I think it was 6.15pm based on eyewitness reports but I don't have verification on this

  3. That's about the time it happened. It looks like the gas pipe exploded on Claremont and Vermont street when you look at the helicopter videos. My cousin and her husband made it safely out of their house. She said people were running down the street in fear of their lives.

  4. After looking at this morning's video. The explosion happened on Glenview a couple of houses south of Claremont.

  5. yeah, the famous video of the house was taken from a bit up vermont, towards claremont. You can see the house on google although the house in front seems a different color. (the burning house - note how the second floor juts out over the driveway about a foot or two, then just to the right the roof has a tiny window near the apex)

    Straight line of sight takes you to the other side of the block where the burst happened on Glenview. So the leak was like a block-sized torch burning everything within and around.

  6. are sneath lane and san bruno avenue opened yet?