Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tropical Storm Igor set to become Atlantic hurricane

Tropical storm Igor is expected to strengthen over the weekend and possibly become a hurricane by Sunday. It is on track to potentially affect the east coast of the U.S. towards the end of next week (although it could also head further north and east, and not be a problem at all). No hype yet, but here are some resources to keep an eye on it. I will keep this page updated as the storm develops

National Hurricane Center updates for Igor - official, watches, warnings, probability cones, etc
Stormpulse - very nice graphics and tools
Hurricane Watch Net - streaming audio during active events (not yet for Igor)
Weather Underground Tropical Page - nice tracking resources
Google Latest - latest Google hits for (i.e. most recently posted)
Google News - hits for Igor on Google News
Twitter updates for #igor
Radio Reference Wiki Major Events - radio frequencies and such like for major disasters (should they happen)

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